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For all inquiries about Grandfather T8aminik, his activities in Canada and in the USA, please contact Suzanne Morissette from the Kina8at team.

Also follow a lot of his work through Kina8at's Facebook and YouTube pages in French.

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About T8aminik

Elder T8aminik (Dominique) Rankin was born in the forests of northwestern Quebec, at a time when his parents were still living the nomadic way of life of their Anicinape ancestors (Algonquin).

At the age of seven, he was appointed by the elders to one day take over from his father as hereditary chief. From childhood, he was thus placed on a long path of learning and initiations which, 50 years later, would lead to his full recognition as an elder and medicine man.

Grandfather T8aminik was also confronted with the painful era of Indian Residential Schools. It is the philosophy and traditional medicine of his people that allowed him to heal and get back on his feet. Today, he gives a vibrant testimony of forgiveness and reconciliation.