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À propos de T8aminik

About T8aminik

Elder T8aminik (Dominique) Rankin was born in the forests of northwestern Quebec, at a time when his parents were still living the nomadic way of life of their Anicinape ancestors (Algonquin).

At the age of seven, he was appointed by the elders to one day take over from his father as hereditary chief. From childhood, he was thus placed on a long path of learning and initiations which, 50 years later, would lead to his full recognition as an elder and medicine man.

Grandfather T8aminik was also confronted with the painful era of Indian Residential Schools. It is the philosophy and traditional medicine of his people that allowed him to heal and get back on his feet. Today, he gives a vibrant testimony of forgiveness and reconciliation.

Le chef héréditaire anicinape Dominique Rankin - Crédit photo: Hélène Gadoury
Conférences, Formations & Ateliers

Talks & Professional trainings 

We were called Savages
A vibrant testimony on forgiveness and reconciliation


With this talk, grandfather T8aminik generously opens the book of his brightest memories, as the darkest. A survivor of the painful Indian Residential School era, he gives a powerful testimony about life, respect, forgiveness and healing.

Leadership and Savoir-Être

Leadership is a primordial notion in Indigenous philosophy and traditions. Leadership is not just the prerogative of men. Women also play a leading role. All in an awareness of the common good, in perfect symbiosis with the environment. An ancient wisdom that inspires today's and tomorrow's leaders.

Mino Matisi8in
The philosophy of well-being according to the Anicinapek


The expression Mino Matisi8in refers to well-being and well-living in the language of the Anicinapek, i.e. that of the Algonquins of Canada. How to achieve it? This is what T8aminik introduces us to in this talk on the Medicine Wheel and the "Grandfathers' Seven Teachings".


Consciousness-raising to the Native World

A must for your organization! This day (or half-day) of training is a great success in institutional and professional circles. It allows both to become aware of indigenous realities, to reflect on our organizational modes, while living an exceptional experience in the heart of the rich anicinape culture.


Advocating for Mother Earth


The most urgent message we want to convey during these talks and workshops is that of "climate change" that must occur in the human heart and mind. From an Indigenous perspective, it is crucial to take a much more balanced approach to the future of the planet.

Ceremonies & 
Cultural support

As tradition now stands in Canada, Grandfather T8aminik is regularly called upon to speak at large assemblies as an Elder of the Anicinape (Algonquin) First Nation.


His services are also required as a cultural accompanier or leader of traditional ceremonies.

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