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Talks & Professional trainings

We were called Savages
We were called Savages
A vibrant testimony on forgiveness and reconciliation


During this talk related to the book We were called Savages written by Marie-Josée Tardif, Grandfather T8aminik generously recalls his brightest memories, as the darkest. After experiencing the beauties of his ancestors' nomadic life, and surviving the terrible ordeal of Indian Residential School, he offers a powerful testimony about life, respect, forgiveness and healing.


His story will take you to the heart of a millennial tradition that humanity seeks to rediscover, in this era where we must make a crucial choice between two roads: that of self-destruction or that of spirituality.


T8aminik is one of the last hereditary chiefs in North America. His testimony is therefore most valuable, both historically and culturally. He touches all audiences by the power of his forgiveness, his endearing humor and his charisma.

Mino Matisi8in
Mino Matisi8in
The philosophy of well-being according to the Algonquins


The expression Mino Matisi8in (pronounce Matisiwin) refers to well-being and well-living in the language of the Anicinapek, i.e. that of the Algonquins of Canada.


How to achieve it? This is what Grandfather T8aminik tells us in this talk based on the Medicine Wheel and the "Seven Grandfathers' Teachings". An Indian Residential School survivor, this former Grand Chief of the Algonquin Nation is a vibrant example of resilience and joie de vivre.


Embark with him on a journey to the heart of Canada's boreal forest. Let yourself be lulled by the songs and words of wisdom of a precious tradition. A deep and simple philosophical teaching at once, to better understand and accept the ups and downs of life, to find harmony with oneself and nature.

Advocating for Mother Earth


When the Algonquins talk about the territory they inhabit, they talk about Nitakinan, "our land" ... But this translation does not do justice to the concept of Nitakinan, because for all First Nations people, the relationship to the Earth is always the same: the Earth is our mother. She can not belong to us. We rather belong to her. 


Native American peoples are recognized as the guardians of the Earth, everywhere in the world. It is not uncommon for grandfather T8aminik to be asked to speak in this capacity. The teaching of Nitakinan is therefore regularly offered (in the form of a talk or a workshop) by Grandfather T8aminik and his partner, Elder Marie-Josée Tardif.

If you invite them to talk about the environment and the warning signs that are spreading on the planet, they will tell you that the current climate changes are only a reflection of the current climate within humankind. A climate change MUST occur ... in the heart of man!

Leadership and Savoir-Être


"My father passed on medicine to me, not power. There is such a difference! For my people, Okima, the true leader, knows that we are all inter-connected. That's why Okima works for the common good. He or she does not speak in a political voice. They speak the language of nature."


This quote from grandfather T8aminik sums up the spirit in which this conference (also offered as a workshop) is offered to the various leaders he and his partner Marie-Josée Tardif are called to meet all over Canada and elsewhere in the world.


In the Native American vision, leadership is not just the prerogative of men. Women play a leading role in all Indigenous communities and organizations. Equal and complementary, women are the spokespersons of the Earth and of the feminine spirit, i.e. all that concerns the power of interiority, listening, silence, reflection and emotional intelligence: assets that the modern world is currently trying to rediscover in order to regain its lost balance.

Consciousness-raising to the Native World


This day (or half-day) of training is a must for professional circles. Powerful and gentle at once, it allows to become aware of the realities of peoples who have experienced the difficulties of colonization. The participants also discover the richness of the Indigenous perspective on the notions of "savoir-être" (their knowledge on how to live together) and their relationship to nature.


This time to pause, where we plunge into the heart of indigenous cultures, allows us to reconnect with the Anicinape in us, i.e. the authentic human being, living in harmony with nature.


This workshop is offered in duet by Elders Marie-Josée and T8aminik. It begins with a powerful exercise, the "Circles Exercice," followed by T8aminik's testimony of his time within the Indian Residential Schools system and the profound gait of forgiveness that followed. T8aminik's testimony, leaves no one indifferent and has been a huge success in all professional circles where it has been proposed to date.

Ceremonies and Cultural support
Ceremonies & Cultural support

In recent years, it became current to invite a First Nations Elder to open large assemblies, in order to honor the first peoples on the territory where they aretaking place. As an Algonquin representative, Grandfather T8aminik is regularly invited to take up this position.

His services are also required when it comes to supporting people culturally during events that may raise emotions. This was the case, for example, during the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in Canada, where Grandfather T8aminik and Grandmother Marie-Josée not only played this supporting role, but where they were also asked to prepare all the intervention teams during the year preceding the arrival of the Commission in Quebec.


Grandfather T8aminik is also authorized to conduct traditional ceremonies in various settings, which are always highly appreciated for their great authenticity, depth and unifying strength.

Activities abroad
Activities abroad

Grandfather T8aminik lives in Quebec, but he travels very regularly around Norht-America, Europe and elsewhere in the world. Along with Grandmother Marie-Josée Tardif, they offer talks, ceremonies and workshops in French or in English.


The activities described above can therefore take place in our new Kina8at Center (north of Montreal) or anywhere else if needed. Discover our public activites planned in the coming months. They are listed in the Calendar section

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