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Présidente et chef d'exploitation

Desjardins Groupe d'Assurances Générales

Valérie Lavoie

Je me suis jointe à la dernière heure de la web avec Dominique et Marie-Josée.  Je suis renversée de bonheur, de joie et c’est tellement beau et inspirant !  Quel bel appel à la vie, à la plénitude de soi.  Je me sens tellement privilégiée et en même temps tellement petite quand je regarde tout ce à quoi je dois aspirer! Merci de nous donner accès à de tels enseignements. C’était la première fois que je les rencontrais, et j’espère tellement que ce n’est pas la dernière.


Coordinating Officer, Health and Safety

Canadian Space Agency

Patricia Falls

The Anicinape workshop surpassed all my expectations.There are no words to describe this experience. From the moment we stepped into the room, we were welcomed as though we were family (maybe even better than some families greet one another), and I could feel the air transform around me.


We no longer were where we thought we should be; we were where we needed to be. There was so much energy all around! My tears fell unbidden from the moment I entered the room until the moment I left.


Maison des Leaders

Michelle Alarie

We did a survey among the participants of our Parcours Relève to find out their appreciation of the program. This year, you are in the FAVOR of our young leaders. You have been outstanding and transformative for all of them.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for being our FRIENDS! 


Participant à une conférence en ligne

Industrielle Alliance

"Quelle belle conférence, touchante, inspirante, émouvante… J’ai adoré. J’avais déjà vu des reportages sur le sujet, mais pas tout l’aspect humain derrière le personnage, la souffrance d’un peuple. Quelle inspiration! Le processus de guérison mental et de pardon. La façon de voir les obstacles de la vie, le temps, le travail, ses semblables… Merci tout plein pour ce partage!"



Psychologist, National Gendarmerie, France

Nicolas Chapard

The links we are weaving are enriched and the work we will have to do in the Gendarmerie institution will be enriched, in a way that we do not yet measure all the impacts. Your presence and your contribution are infinitely precious.


Leadership Program for the Department of Justice,

Telfer School of Management, University of Ottawa

Diane Houle-Rutherford, MA

Your session was a great success. Your words and messages resonated all week. You had a great impact on a whole community of human beings!


President, RSIP

Serge Leclerc

I owe you to express my gratitude for this wonderful meeting. I have already received many calls from the participants, telling me how much they have enjoyed such special moments and, above all, so much inspiration. By your natural simplicity and authenticity, you managed to reach everyone's hearts, including mine.

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